Some advices to write a good article for your readers


Any writer enjoys seeing his or her work add value. Consider the effort made behind any article, we always expect a huge number of readers to spend a great amount of time reading. But before worrying about how the article is going to be written, you should have in mind one clear point: What your topic is going to be about. 

Choosing a trendy topic with higher momentary relevance is fundamental if you want your article to be successful. Once chosen, take into consideration the following advice to achieve a higher quantity of readers.


Advice for writing a good article

Information research: You need to find all the relevant information to have proper knowledge of what are you going to say. Remember that the reader invests his or her time in reading what we write, and therefore we must provide him or her with good content.

Consider other articles related to the topic: We all seek to stand out above the rest. To achieve this, it’s necessary to take a different approach that is possible through reading other publications. If you are willing to stand out, make a difference.

Choose the right title: The title is the first call-to-action a user will see to select our page and decide to read what we have published. It’s important for the title to also summarize the content they are going to find in a few words.

Set a clear goal: Before you start writing, make it clear what you want to transmit. For this, we recommend you answer some questions that may help you define your objective:

-Which target are you addressing?

-What are we expecting to achieve with this article?

-Which aspects are going to make us different?

-What added value will we offer to our public?

Good image selection: With a funny or colourful image, you will make your article more visually attractive . Depending on the formality of the article the image will vary.

Promote the article: After investing that much time and effort on writing the article it would be ideal to reach as much people as possible. Promoting your article is important so that your customers know of its existence. Publish your article through social media platforms and web pages.

Give value to suggestions: Consider all your readers’ comments and try to improve or apply what your readers advise.

Facilitate the reading: Do not write 8 line paragraphs: the reader could get overwhelmed at first sight without even considering to read it. You need to facilitate the reading and progress the journey of information inside the article. Don’t forget relevant information, but try to summarize the information you have. Remember, your readers are reading an article, not a book!

Bold the most important: This way, the reader will be able to find the most important content quicker.

Review the article before releasing: Never upload something to the net before making revision and confirming everything is correct. This way you can be assured that your readers will enjoy a 100% of your article.


Finally, you must make sure your page is available  so the readers can get access to it. The most secure way is by monitoring your site through TurboMonitor. With this tool you will be notified every time your website goes down. 


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